Göteborgs Maskinteknik offers complete service regarding industry maintenance, repairs and manufacturing of machine parts.

Our workshops are well equipped with a focus on heavy machines. The work is done efficiently in our workshops or on-site with portable machines.

The staff is knowledgeable and experienced on all levels. The repair teams are quickly on-site for inspection and give information about repair alternatives, cost, and length of repair time.

Below follows a description of our main services.

We offer services in the following areas

Maintenance & Service

Our business is mainly focused on repair and maintenance work. The workshop is well-equipped, in order to meet the industry's demands.

Availability and service are GMT's greatest strengths. We grow in number of employees during planned stops of production and holidays. Our repair teams can get to work on short notice and offer 24h-service.

We can sign long-term contracts, taking care of the running maintenance and service.

On-site machining


Turning of axle tap

We have access to a great number of on-site machining tools. Our repair teams perform on-site long-hole drilling, boring, grinding, turning, milling and honing.

All tools are constructed so that they easily can be transported and set up on-site. We aim for the same high quality as when we use our stationary machines. GMT's fast and efficient machining, reduces the cost of a machine breakdown.

Machine repairs

We repair all types of machines and production equipment. On-site at the clients premises or in our complete workshop.

Machine transport

GMT offers a complete solution for moving and transporting machines. We have the vehicles necessary to move large machines and whole production facilities. We also adjust and level the machine by using laser equipment.



We manufacture all types of machine parts in our well-equipped machine workshop, in all occurring materials. When manufacturing new parts, we usually follow a CAD-design. Our delivery time is extremely short, thanks to a great number of available personnel and a large network of suppliers.

Steel construction

We manufacture all types of steel constructions, based on the client's design or in consultation with the client. Feel free to consult with us during the design phase. We look at the problem, present a construction drawing, manufacture, and put everything together. Easy and efficient.

Welding repairs

GMT is specialized in all kinds of welding. Our staff are experienced in heat treatment and welding. Metallurgical know-how and knowledge of materials are central to our work. In many cases welding can be performed directly on-site.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment after advanced welding repairs take place, either in our work shop or on-site. GMT has high metallurgical competence and long experience in heat treatment. With our portable heat ovens, the quality is equivalent to heat treatment in our workshop. All methods are approved according to proper classification.

Flame cutting machine

We perform precision cutting of 250 mm thick sheet-metal plates. With our modern machines, we have a great capacity to meet all needs and quality demands.

Thermal spraying

Hot and cold thermal spraying is performed with many different types of materials. The thermal spraying is done either in our workshop or on-site.

Surface treatment

We offer most surface treatments, in order to increase the materials quality and durability. With our professional surface treatments, we can obtain corrosion protection, resistant to wear, and isolating properties.

Cog wheel milling

Cog wheel damage is costly both when it comes to time and money. Cog wheels are often specially manufactured, and can not be ordered in the usual way. Contact Göteborgs Maskinteknik, we manufacture cog wheels in all sizes.

Cog wheel milling is done with module 0.5-28 and with a dimension up to 2 500 mm.

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