On-site machining

Our service technicians perform high precision on-site machining in factories and other facilities. During stoppage of production or breakdowns, we are available and ready to get to work.

GMT's fast and efficient on-site machining, reduces the cost of a production breakdowns and standstills. Compared to conventional repair methods, there is no need for dismounting, lifts or transports.

The quality is just as high when it comes to finish and tolerance, as when we use our stationary machines.

On-site services

Göteborgs Maskinteknik dispose of a large number of on-site machining tools. They're all constructed in a way, that they easily can be brought and mounted on-site at the client's premises. We offer for example:

  • Boring
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Turning
  • Long-hole drilling
  • Honing
  • Threading
Mobila maskiner

Grinding of roll

Milling of tool position

Face milling of press bed

Quality considerations

On-site machining demands special consideration regarding quality. On-site machining is not completely equal in quality, compared to the use of conventional machines. Portable machines need a firm and stable mounting of the work piece.

Accessibility is another important factor. In extremely tight spaces, we adjust the construction to the conditions on-site. In that way, we guarantee high quality when it comes to finish and precision.

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