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Göteborgs Maskinteknik AB represents availability and capacity out of the ordinary. Our experienced staff, command advanced machine and sheet-metal workshops, and a large number of machine tools for on-site machining.

GMT's repair and maintenance workshop is dimensioned for handling large objects, in order to satisfy the heavy industry's needs. Constructive solutions and 24h-Service, make GMT the complete workshop partner.

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We offer services in the following main areas

GMT and the world's largest forging press

The mechanical press was installed in 1981. Since the start, Göteborgs Maskinteknik has been trusted with the service and maintenance.

16 000 ton mechanical press.

16 000 ton mechanical press.

The impressive forging press is used for pressing crankshafts and front girders for the car industry. The press force is up to 16 000 tons, which makes this the largest forging press in the world.

Göteborgs Maskinteknik is responsible for maintenance and manufacturing machine parts. Every year, during the holiday period, GMT performs more extensive maintenance and reconditioning.

Client: Bharat Forge Kilsta

A word from the CEO

"In the modern industry, continuous maintenance is of course very important. By hiring a resourceful workshop partner, the time lost during production stoppage, is kept to a minimal. But, sometimes the unforeseen happens, therefore we offer round the clock service, always ready to earn our customers trust "

Ratko Ajdukovic

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