The work we do is always of the best quality. An example of that was when Ford classified us as an approved subcontractor. We continuously aim to reduce repair-costs, shorten production stoppage time, and always be available to our clients.

Our clients are for example: Saab, Autocompo, Pågen, Uddeholm Tooling, LKAB, Ford (Volvo), and Forbo Forshaga.

Below follow some examples of work we have done.

GMT and the world's largest forging press

Kugginspektion av excenterpressens frigångshjul

Replacement of freewheel bearing.

The mechanical press was installed in 1981. Since the start, Göteborgs Maskinteknik has been trusted with the service and maintenance.

The impressive forging press is used for pressing crankshafts and front girders for the car industry. The press force is up to 16 000 tons, which makes this the largest forging press in the world.

Göteborgs Maskinteknik is responsible for maintenance and manufacturing machine parts. Every year, during the holiday period, GMT performs more extensive maintenance and reconditioning.

Client: Bharat Forge Kilsta

GMT drilled holes in the ship Götheborg


Svenska Ostindiska Companiet

The Swedish ship Götheborg was built with a combination of 18th century methods and modern technology. The latter GMT got the opportunity to contribute with.

SOIC (Svenska Ostindiska Companiet) contacted us for help when drilling the holes for the two propeller shafts. A complicated task that fitted us perfectly.

Two holes, diameter 195 mm and length 2.5 meters, were to be drilled through the ship's hull. The circumstances demanded that we manufactured a long-hole drilling machine for the purpose. When that was done, we adjusted the machine and drilled through the thick oak.

When the first drill bit broke trough the hull into the machine room, the crew cheered. Now, finally, the six meter long propeller capsules could be fitted.

Client: Svenska Ostindiska Companiet

Leveled machine with laser instruments

Laser instruments

Total renovation of 15 meter long bed milling machine for Uddeholm Tooling AB. Adjusted and leveled the machine with the use of laser instruments.

Client: Uddeholm Tooling AB

Manufactured capstan axle

Manufacturing of capstan axle for Volvo Cars.

Manufacturing of capstan axle for Volvo Cars.

Client: Volvo Cars

Manufactured cog-wheel

Inspection of cog-wheel

Inspection of cog-wheel belonging to forging press.

Client: Bharat Forge Kilsta

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