CAD files

Send us your CAD files. They're a good starting point when we discuss costs and the work ahead. If applicable we then transfer the files to the NC machines.

If the surface shape or the machining is complex, we do a CAM preparation. This makes the production more efficient.

All operators of the NC machines are well trained on our software. They are experienced in welding and milling with correct NC preparation. GMT continuously invest in up to date technology and trained staff.

Send the CAD files to Krister

Krister Ajdukovic is responsible for the NC preparation. He is experienced in milling, turning and cutting machining.

Send the CAD files attached in a mail to:

Phone: 031 - 451525
Fax: 031 - 471540
Mobile: 070 - 8152997

We accept the following file formats:

Our software:
Master CAM 9.1

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