About Göteborgs Maskinteknik AB

Göteborgs Maskinteknik is a modern workshop with a wide range of clients within the industry. The core business consists of industry maintenance and service, repairs and manufacturing of machine parts.


The company was founded by Ratko Ajdukovic, Milenko Ajdukovic och Dag Aronsson. The trio had at the time 25 years of experience from the business. Their experience made it possible to start in a large scale. The first year, 20 people were hired.

An important year for GMT was 2003, when the company bought the well respected sheet-metal workshop Winroth & Co. This meant that GMT now disposed over a complete work shop. GMT's spacious premises include a machine workshop, sheet-metal workshop and a welding room.

The business is growing steadily, and GMT continues to be a successful partner for the industry.


The staff is knowledgeable and experienced on all levels. They're trained and equipped to solve all problems that might arise, even the "impossible" ones.

The number of employees varies over the year, depending on workload. During planned stoppages of production and holidays, the number increases. Normally, GMT employs about 35 people, but that number goes up to 50 during the summer period. A flexible organization, makes it possible to adopt to the industry's needs in a cost efficient way.

The key word for the staff is availability. GMT can on very short notice muster a large number of skilled staff members.


Our goal is to satisfy our customers by delivering top quality services. We place high demands on our selves, in order to comply with the high quality standards from the authorities and our clients.

An important part in our environmental and safety work, is that we work according to ISO 9001. All welding jobs are performed according to current standards and all welders are licensed.

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